How we’re protecting Clients throughout the pandemic

Following on from Boris Johnson’s announcement on new restrictions and the news that we are heading for a second spike of coronavirus, Liz Brackley, Director of Home Instead Brighton, Hove and Shoreham shares how she is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Clients and CAREGivers in this new phase of the pandemic.

‘Before the PM’s announcement, we were starting to get more of the office team back into the office to work. As it stands now, we are asking staff to work from home and restricting the number in the office at any one time to just five. Thankfully, we are all prepared to work remotely, as we have been doing this to different degrees since the start of the pandemic back in March. 

We are asking CAREGivers to be extremely vigilant about implementing infection control measures, such as handwashing and all of our staff are well-trained in this area. We are also continuing to provide them all with appropriate PPE, such as masks, gloves and aprons. It is important that we make all of our CAREGivers aware of the factors that may cause an outbreak and they are asked to report any feelings of being unwell, such as a cold, to us so we can monitor it and protect Clients and other staff.

Many CAREGivers are dealing with the return of children to school and this often means more coughs and sniffles at home to be vigilant of. They are working under tough conditions, and I am grateful for their continued hard work and dedication throughout this difficult time. We are also ensuring all the team are aware of the ‘rule of six’ and they understand better than anyone the importance of sticking to the rules.

With Clients, we are reminding them of the good practises that we introduced earlier in the year to manage the spread of coronavirus. It is important they too comply with  the ‘rule of six’ and we ask that they do not have any visitors whilst our CAREGivers are with them. Importantly, we are reassuring them that we are taking the situation very seriously and that their visits will continue as usual, just as they have throughout the pandemic and lockdown.

Going forward, I really hope the situation improves. So many older people have been still missing out on vital social interaction, be it with family or friends. Many of the activities they once enjoyed have also been cancelled, such as lunch clubs and day centres, meaning that older people are more isolated and lonelier than ever before. I would like to see this change soon for their mental and physical wellbeing, and we are always looking out for opportunities to suggest outings or events that are happening to our Clients to improve their overall sense of wellbeing’

If you are considering care for a loved one and would like to discuss the options with someone, do not hesitate to contact Liz on 01273 284090. You can also email her here.