Living well and tips for ageing better

There are a lot of misconceptions about ageing. Many believe that it stops you from being able to do the things in life you enjoy. However, ageing is not something to be feared, but a time of life to live well and continue to do the things you enjoy. 

The years after retirement are said to be the ‘golden years’, a wonderful era of more free, quality time. Once the necessary COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and we are less constrained, everyone will be able to spend more time with their loved ones. Being able to see family and friends and enjoying this time will never be taken for granted again.

But in the meantime, it remains important to continue to take care of ourselves. You are only ever as old as you feel and a life well lived is about taking positive steps to be healthier and happier. Here are some top tips for ageing better:

Ensure you continue to eat a balanced diet. Alcohol, saturated fats and fizzy drinks should be limited and you should drink lots of water or tea to stay hydrated. Try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, whole foods, low-fat dairy and oily fish. More info here on Helping Older People to stay Nourished here:

 Stay active and do some moderate exercise daily, if you can. This will improve your sleep. give you more energy and boost those ‘feel good’ hormones. More info here about Active Bodies: (

 Stay in touch with friends and family. Loneliness is not inevitable as you age, so why not give a friend or family member a call? You could set up a video call… if you have the tech skills!

Look after your feet. Apply moisturiser to dry areas and wear supportive footwear. If you find you can’t reach your feet, or they are painful then contact your doctor as they might be able to organise a chiropodist to come and visit.

Try to get out in the sunshine. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to cognitive impairment and other medical issues so it’s important to make the most of sunshine… especially in winter when there is less sunlight!

Care for your teeth every day. Brush twice a day and floss to remove plaque and prevent issues such as gum disease or other problems. 

Have regular check-ups. If you find you are becoming hard of hearing or your sight has deteriorated, get in touch with your doctor and have them refer you to a specialist. 

8) Test your mind. Try out memory games, do crosswords, make your own acronyms… maybe even learn a new language! This will help you to remember things and it’s important to carry on learning throughout life.

At Home Instead Brighton, Hove & Shoreham, we accompany many families through the ageing journey to ensure loved ones continue living independently and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We listen, respond and tailor our services to your needs. If you would like to speak to someone at Home Instead Brighton, Hove & Shoreham please don’t hesitate to get in touch - you can call Liz on 01273 284090 or email [email protected].