Becoming a CAREGiver during the pandemic

Have you thought about becoming a CAREGiver but are not sure what to expect? We did an interview with our CAREGiver, Louise, who shared some of her own experiences...

Why did you decide to work as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Bexhill and Hastings?

I was working in hospitality before the first covid lockdown, one of the main sectors that closed. I was furloughed and decided to do something that makes a difference to the lives of elderly people, where I would feel rewarded.

What was it like joining the CAREGiver team during the pandemic?

I don’t know what it was like before, but it was nice for me to be out and about helping people, rather than stuck inside. It meant I could spend time with my Clients who otherwise wouldn’t see anyone from one day to the next.

I didn’t have apprehensions about joining the team because I knew that everything would be explained well. It was unfortunate the training couldn't be more hands on and we had to do everything via Zoom. I would have preferred normal circumstances where we would all be in a room together. Nonetheless, I felt extremely supported during my role and if I had any questions Penny (Care Manager) would answer them.

What challenges do the elderly Clients face?

Isolation is a big challenge. In the current circumstances,  elderly Clients cannot even see their own family members. A few Clients would really like to come shopping with me but unfortunately it’s not safe right now, so I go and do their shopping for them. I think a lot of  elderly people are keen to get out of the house as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

I support my Clients as much as I can based on their needs. I have an elderly Client who lives near the seafront and sometimes she wants to come out for a drive. We park by the seafront for a while and watch the sea and chat. That really cheers her up and it makes me feel good as I have done a small thing that makes a big difference to her.

Even if it wasn’t an issue before, mobility may have become an issue for our Clients because they are not getting out and about as much as they were used to.  When restrictions are lifted we will be supporting our elderly Clients to regain their confidence and mobility.

Has the CAREGiver role been as you expected?

I didn’t really know what to expect when I applied, but I really like my job. The communication is excellent and I feel very well appreciated.

I started off doing mainly companionship visits and then, as I became more comfortable, I took on more personal care visits. Now there is a lot more involved in my job and I am pleased my role has progressed. Sometimes a Client can deteriorate, or their needs change, and they need more help around the house and care. It’s nice if they have the same person going in to see them as a relationship can be built upon.

If you are interested in becoming a CAREGiver with Home Instead Bexhill and Hastings, get in touch with Caroline via email [email protected] or call 01424 401402.