Wearing of Face Masks

What does the UK law say on wearing a face covering?

It is now compulsory in England for anyone aged 11 or over to wear a face covering on public transport, in NHS facilities as a visitor or outpatient, or (from 24 July) inside shops. 

These rules do not apply to a person with dementia if they have a ‘reasonable excuse’ not to wear a face covering. A reasonable excuse could be:

- They cannot physically put on or wear a face covering.

- Wearing the face covering would cause them severe distress.

- Someone with them needs to read their lips to communicate.

- They need to remove the face covering temporarily to eat, drink or take medication. 

If someone in authority – such as a transport police officer or ticket inspector –  challenges the person for not covering their face, explain that they have dementia and can’t. That should be enough to stop any further action. Carrying a helpcard from the Alzheimer's Society is also a good idea:  our helpcards