Who is good enough?

If your nan needed care, who would be good enough to look after her?

Obviously you and your family would be perfect, but you have your own life with kids to look after and maybe you live a long way away. So who else?

Well, you’d want someone “nice”. Someone trustworthy, who arrives on time & does all they’re supposed to do. You'd need to be sure you know what time they arrive & what they do while they're there - you know your nan will just put up with what she's given & won't complain. She'll probably treat the carer like a guest & try to do everything herself, so you need to know what's going on.

You’d want someone your nan likes & gets on well with. You want your nan to look forward to the visits. Obviously it'll be tough at first since no-one likes to admit they need support, but after a while it would be good if they became friends. Maybe it could be someone who enjoys the same kind of hobbies so they have plenty to talk about & they could play cards together or go for a walk. 

You’d want someone well trained, who knows what’s best to do to support someone like your nan, whatever is ailing her today. Definitely someone who doesn’t talk down to your nan - she'll pick up on that & really resent it. Your nan's such a strong person and has done so much in her life - you'd want someone who respects her for the wonderful person she is.

It has to be someone who encourages your nan to do as much as she can for herself. You know how much she enjoys her independence, even though maybe she’s started to make a few mistakes recently. Anyone would get a bit confused if they were just stuck watch TV all day - it's important to do something different each day even if it's just getting out into the garden. Maybe they can do a bit of gardening together.

You’d want someone who really gets to know your nan & lets you know if anything changes. Who keeps an eye out to make sure she’s drinking enough because she often forgets to drink.

Who can you trust to find you the right person? Are you going to leave it until the last minute & accept whoever you're given? Maybe it’s time to find out what choices you have, so you’re ready when she needs someone.

Home Instead only employ people we believe are good enough to look after our own parents. We train them thoroughly and expect a lot from them. We don't employ anyone we don't trust and we constantly monitor what happens during each visit to make sure we're doing the best we possibly can for each of our clients.

If you'd like to chat about the options available, please call 01276 903106.