Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour bus provides an interactive experience that is medically proven to give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what living with dementia might feel like. The bus simulates the effects of the illness through technology which alters the senses, replicating the ways in which those living with dementia see the world and experience daily activities.

Maggie Martin, owner of Home Instead in Bagshot, said: “The virtual experience aims to give our Care Professionals an experience of what life is like for people living with dementia. Although they have City and Guilds accredited dementia training, the experience helps them to further understand how it feels to live with dementia, making sure we can deliver the best quality of care to our wonderful clients."

Some of the information we learned included:

  • People with dementia may have highly sensitive hearing and be woken up by a ticking clock
  • People with dementia may eat more if they use a red or blue plate
  • You should never approach someone with dementia from the side

We had the bus for the entire day on Saturday and 36 of our Care Professionals took the chance to attend the course. We're very grateful to Training2Care for proving the training and giving us such a great day!