Support Local

Supporting local is now more important than ever; with village events cancelled, and no one able to visit local restaurants and pubs over the past year and a half we want to encourage you to support the local businesses around you that may have struggled.

The little villages that we live in are full of independent gift shops, and places that sell the stationery you’ve been ordering from Amazon during the lockdown and the shopping experience is so much nicer face to face!

Do you know the best part of the lockdown restrictions ending? Summer fetes and community events are now able to happen! If you’ve missed getting out and speaking to people, this is the perfect opportunity. Go alone, or take your family, but go. Support the people who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make these events happen and enjoy yourself.

We have been posting about some local events over on our Facebook and Instagram accounts recently so do keep an eye on them for things happening in your area, alternatively, try searching for your local community group.