Is it time for a clear out?

September is the perfect time to have a clear out.

I think we all need a bit of motivation when it comes to decluttering our homes, but how good do you feel when you’ve done it? September is the perfect time to throw open the doors to hidden cupboards and lofts and sort through all the stuff you’ve been squirrelling away that you have no use for!

Decluttering has its benefits:

1. Decluttering can bring you joy - decluttering your home removes the clutter from your brain. Simple as that.
2. Clearing out your cabinets can clear out your stress - take away excess stress and worry and clean out those cabinets.
3. Decluttering allows you to start fresh – decluttering can help you start over with a fresh, decluttered mind frame.
4. Decluttering helps your brain relax – with a clear house your brain will relax, and you might find you get a better night’s sleep!
5. Decluttering can help with your finances – As the saying goes “one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure!”

The first few steps will always be the hardest, but they get easier every time and the satisfaction will be worth it!