Check your smoke alarms!

Did you know every home should have a smoke alarm on every floor, and you need to test them weekly? You only have to push the button to test an alarm but many of us don't bother because it's either too high up or too loud. The Fire Service recommend using a broom handle or something if it's too high up - but make sure you test each alarm. An alarm that isn't working is just a piece of plastic. 

If you’re over 60 or vulnerable, you may be able to book a Safe & Well visit from the Fire & Rescue service. They’ll check your property, make sure your alarms are working & and advise you on keeping yourself safe. Check to book your appointment.

Many of us put washing machines on at night or when we’re going out, but the Fire Service recommend unplugging all devices at night except the ones designed to be on all the time (like the freezer!). Even charging your mobile overnight can be dangerous!

You can register all your appliances on and they'll let you know if anything you own is subject to a product recall or warning notice.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a fire, the advice from the Fire Service is:

  • Shout “FIRE!” as loud as you can
  • Don’t try to tackle the fire
  • Get everyone outside
  • Call 999, speak clearly & give the full address (including the town)
  • Stay outside & wait for the Fire Brigade

A smoke alarm could give you longer to get out of the house, so it's definitely worth spending a few moments each week to make sure each alarm is working.