Making Care Truly Personal

Making Care Truly Personal
Making Care Truly Personal

It is always nice to share the amazing work our CAREGivers provide to Home Instead Clients every day of the year.

Sue was chosen as CAREGiver of the month for her dedication to clients living with dementia.

This is just one example from Sue that she put in place for one of our clients (we have changed the families names) Hope that this might give people some ideas of how we can help support families and individuals…

Bob has been different to my previous clients but because of this, he is also one of the most rewarding.  

I visit Bob on Friday afternoons, when usually he has been out with his wife for the day, so it is nice to do something gentle and relaxing with him at home to wind down at the end of a busy week and this allows his wife to also have a little break and time to herself. 

Bob has a fairly constant dialogue going on which you have to 'tune in to' and then join and steer. He can go off at tangents, so getting to know him and finding out what makes him tick in his world was vitally important.  It also means my visits are very personalised to Bob's interests and this is why it is so important CAREGivers are well matched to their clients.

It has really helped that Bob and I are an excellent match and share interests which means it has been possible to enter his world and understand and appreciate his passions.  In doing so, I have been able to glimpse the old Bob which has been such a joy.

Bobs wife, has put together wonderful boxes of memories of his life and it allows us to travel back to a time that Bob remembers and which makes sense to him.  There are many photographs of, and notes from, his family, university days and the productions he has been involved in.

Bob performed in amateur dramatics in Derby and has a love of Shakepeare, as do I, so we have spent a lot of time looking through his old photographs, programmes, reading his reviews and notes from producers and friends congratulating him on his acting abilities.

One beautiful afternoon, we walked along arm in arm to Timperley library, only to discover that to celebrate Shakespeare's 400th Birthday, they had put on a little exhibition, so it was really interesting to have a look and discuss the display.

Bob has a magnificent collection of books and also owns the biggest dictionary I have ever seen.  He likes words and is eloquent and very well read. Bob loves history and often comes out with interesting facts and dates he can still recall.

Bob experiences some challenges with spatial awareness, but together we negotiated crossing roads, going down pavements and avoiding bollards and obstacles. Bob enjoys travelling and we discussed the various restaurants and food served in the village as we passed by and we noticed that Corks Out is now also a wine bar - Bob likes wine!

In these moments, when Bob is feeling happy and secure in his own familiar world, his dry sense of humour comes out and we can laugh together and that's when it feels like I am doing my job, only it doesn't feel like a job!

A perfect match!

If you would like any more information please feel free to call the team on 0161 870 1136 

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