Hearing how family and friends help

Fred Yeoman's Amplifon & Caregivers at the quarterly meeting
Fred Yeoman's Amplifon & Caregivers at the quarterly meeting

How can family friends and CAREGivers help your loved ones with hearing loss?  We asked Fred Yeomans from Amplifon to talk to our CAREGivers this week at the CAREGivers quarterly meeting.

It can be frustrating to repeat constantly or realise that what you said has been miss heard and equally frustrating to feel that a loved one is missing out on life.

One major concern is safety, hearing the pan is boiling and approaching cars, this can be stressful to live with and difficult if denial of the hearing loss is an issue.

Focusing on positives like being able to listen to their favourite music or interacting on a Skype call to relatives can be the path to suggesting a hearing test, the stigma of wearing a hearing aid has been resolved as you would be hard pressed to notice one, also many halls and event centers now have hearing loops which can be switched on to enhance the sound quality to those wearing hearing aids.

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A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home