Dementia Awareness Week 18th - 24th May

Dementia Awareness week
Dementia Awareness week

In last weeks senior snippets for the Sale and Altrincham Advertiser, Alan was raising awarness of  Dementia Awareness Week coming up this Sunday 18th- 24th May.  Alan would love to hear if any of you have planned events during Dementia Awareness Week. Tweet your events to @HISC_Alt_Sale and we will help to spread the word. 

Alan has added local activities to our Information and Resourse Page

This includes our FREE family training courses commencing Thursday 22nd May and throughout 2014

If you can't get out and about next week we have put together a few essential tips for those of you caring for someone with a dementia.

  1. Redirect: Changing the topic of conversation, if your relative or friend asks the same question multiple times, for example, can stop unhelpful thought patterns. 


  1. Apologise: Simply saying “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you” and taking the blame, even when something is not your fault, can often calm down the individual if they are distressed.


  1. Remove: Removing distracting and or harmful things from the individual or removing the individual from a situation or environment which is distressing or angering them will help them to remain calm and content.


  1.      Engage: Engaging in basic mental, physical and social activities has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety for people with a dementia. 

Alan hopes to see you at some of the great events being held over Dementia Awareness Week

Visit the Information and Resourse Page for Alan's traffords event dairy.



Live Well with Dementia
Live Well with Dementia

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home