Staffordshire Day 1st May

Get involved with the sixth Staffordshire Day on Saturday 1 May 2021.

This year the programme is going to be online-only, and will once again take place on social media and the Enjoy Staffordshire website. There will be a host of activities recognising our pride in our county, promoting our resilience, kindness, community spirit and celebrating Staffordshire's fantastic local businesses.

Staffordshire County Council need your help to put the finishing touches to the programme together. The event is not limited to what can be included in the programme - as long as it is done in a Covid-safe manner in-line with the latest guidelines, and is in some way connected to Staffordshire.  

For adiitional details and information please visit the Enjoy Staffordshire website. You can also download a promotional toolkit with social media graphics, email signatures and more, all of which can be used for free. You can download it at the Staffordshire Day Toolkit Page here.

Further information about how to get involved can be found at
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