Understanding Parkinson's

Param Toor, Gwen, Fiona, Pauline and new CareGiver Suzanne
Param Toor, Gwen, Fiona, Pauline and new CareGiver Suzanne


Julie Toor and Team with the amazing Gwen and Pauline

The owners of Home Instead organised a half-day seminar for themselves and their CareGivers to improve their understanding of Parkinson’s.

The seminar was delivered by Fiona Bassett, the Education and Training Officer for Parkinson’s UK and consisted of direct teaching, videos and interactive workshops involving case studies. A unique and effective addition to the seminar was the inclusion of Parkinson’s sufferers Gwen Lovatt and Pauline Callaghan who were involved in the discussions throughout the day and brought the whole issue of Parkinson’s to life for the group.

With the help of Fiona, Gwen and Pauline the group were able to understand the key challenges of living with Parkinson’s, such as mobility, communication and swallowing. In addition to this they were able to identify the importance of drug management and recognise the role of Parkinson’s UK, all of which will help with the care of people with Parkinson’s.

The staff of Home Instead left the seminar with an increased awareness and confidence that they can fully meet the needs of Parkinson’s sufferers when providing care in their own homes.