Message of appreciation

Now that Dorothy has moved in with us, over here in Cambridgeshire I just wanted to drop you a note so that we have on record how delighted we have all been with the work done by the HISC Team there in Wolverhampton.

As you know, it is testament to and the work done by the Team, that we have continued with HISC in terms of providing for Mum’s continuing needs in terms of her care.  The team here are working hard to match the standards set, but I have advised them how high the bar has been set!

To summarise, from the first time we met with HISC in Wolverhampton to Mum’s last day at her Bungalow, to move over with us we have been impressed by the approach to her care and the attention to detail in terms of those ‘finer points’ of her care.

All the Carers have shown the utmost empathy and understanding towards Mum, ourselves and other family members that have visited.  As well as the regular Care Reviews, we received regular updates from you on Mum and the Care being provided with advice and recommendations. At all times we felt that you had at heart, Mum’s best interests.

You and the team recognised the distances involved for us and our other commitments that made it difficult for us to be there for every other Doctors and Hospital Appointment.  The flexibility and understanding you showed there was exemplary.

The gentle and caring treatment shown to Mum by all the Care Team is for me, a real testament to the recruitment and training that HISC employ.  Of course, special note must go to Annmarie. Mum has asked a couple of times since moving ‘what happened to the pretty little Scottish one’? (!) I have to say that the fact that Mum at 87 and with (as you well know) advanced Dementia, still remembers Annmarie, is a real credit to her.

We also always felt that we were getting good value for money, that the infrastructure in support of the Care Teams was good and that Office Staff’s awareness of us, Mum and her specific needs was also good.  It may be that I only had dealings with a few of the office team, but I felt that Nathan especially cared a lot about what he was doing and that his contribution mattered.

As we both know, Mum is very gentle but still has some challenging needs in terms of personal care and significant memory issues.  Again we felt that the understanding shown by all the Care Team at HISC was a good lesson for us all.

Again Lucie, please pass on our thanks to all the Team there and please assure them that ‘Mum’ is doing really well in her new home.