This is an email we received from one of our CAREGivers whose client sadly passed away earlier this week. Evidence that here at Home Instead, to us it really is personal. 

"I'm sitting in a rocking chair, Mac's chair. He is sleeping peacefully in bed and I'm listening to the hum of the motor as it keeps him comfortable.  I met Mac earlier this year and our times were spent drinking tea, singing Ave Maria; well Mac singing and me adding the odd line while I washed the dishes.

Let me tell you why I love this gentle man. 

Mac is so kind and astute, he is interested in every one that comes to visit him and always, always looks for the good. He always said "You keep me alive, my day is better for seeing you". He said this to all of us and he meant it every time and I know we all said he is our favourite (even though you shouldn’t have favourites).

He has reached the end of his time on this plane and although we will miss him, we are all thankful to have had our time with Mac, making him bacon and eggs for breakfast, his Ginsters pasty and red cabbage for tea with his ever favourite rice pudding and a cup of tea.  He played golf until he was 95 you know, and still has his putter (is it called that? no idea) and golf balls in the hallway where I'm sure he had a few hits down the hallway over the years.

100 years ago this wonderful man was born and what a century it's been.  Mac was born during WW1, served in WW2, women were allowed to vote, Mickey Mouse was born. Mac saw colour TV, the Berlin wall erected and again fall. He watched Queen Elizabeth crowned, Kennedy assassinated, the man on the moon (some might say). It also took 5 days to get from London to New York in 1917 and 3.5 months to travel from London to Australia. 

Mac also met the love of his life, Olive and they had a beautiful family who are a testament to Mac's love of life, family unit and living life to it's fullest. Mac was a successful business man but his biggest accomplishment in life is his family. Mac always talked about his grandchildren, his love and pride so clear to see.

We will miss you Mac but we are so thankful to have been a part of your life, no matter how small.

Thank you xx

Tina Allman - CAREGiver"