Be scam aware

One of our CAREGivers recently prevented their client from transferring their entire bank balance into a telephone scammer’s bank account!

Ann-Marie, was at her client’s house during a scheduled care visit, when the scammer, who was claiming to work for a high-street bank, called the house phone. During the phone call, the client mentioned that her CAREGiver was currently with her, this alerted the scammer to say they would call back once the caregiver had left.

When the phone call ended, Ann-Marie’s client told her that they will be calling back, as she needs to transfer all of her money into another account.

Ann-Marie was suspicious, so she stayed with her client waiting for the scammer to call back. When the phone rang, upon realising that it was the scammers again, Ann-Marie disconnected the phone at the wall socket.

She immediately told her client’s family to make them aware of the situation. They were extremely grateful that Ann-Marie stepped in to stop what could have been a distressing and potentially life changing scam for their mother.

Paramjit Toor, co-owner of Home Instead Wolverhampton, said: “Working with older people in our local community, we know all too well the devastating effects a scammer can have on them, both financially and emotionally. Our CAREGivers are trained to spot the signs of scams with our clients, and this training kicked in when Ann-Marie became suspicious.

“I am very proud of Ann-Marie and the way she handled the situation. The prevention of financial loss to one of our clients has been an amazing result. We wanted to share this story to raise awareness of how easy a scam can take place, as this is likely to be happening to other people in the area.”