Age UK Falls Campaign

With falls in the home representing the most frequent and serious type of accident in the over 65s age group,Home Instead offices across the country will be supporting Age UK to help local elderly people and their families become 'falls aware'.

Falls Prevention Care

Every five hours an older person is killed by an accidental fall in the home - this is the equivalent to 1,500 people dying every year. Over 300,000 older people are so seriously injured by a fall in their home that they require hospital treatment.

Usually two or more risk factors interact to cause a fall (such as poor balance and low vision, which can cause a trip and fall going up a single step). Home or environmental risk factors play a role in about half of falls.

About the campaign

To tackle this issue, Age UK is launching the Make your home "falls-free" campaign, which will help older people reduce their risk of falling in their own home. To achieve this goal, resources and support will be provided through Age UK's free HandyVan service, or through local home improvement services to help older people to understand the risk factors that lead to falls and the actions they can take to reduce these risks.

Home Instead is sponsoring the campaign and promoting its key messages. Home Instead Managing Director Trevor Brocklebank commented, "Our business provides care which helps people to stay in their home for longer. The Age UK initiative is really important to ensure that the elderly are safer at home. We are very pleased to have been asked to sponsor this programme and we hope that our local offices will be able to work to improve awareness of the simple steps that can be taken."

Make your home falls-free

If you're interested in making your home falls-free, visit or contact your local Age UK to get a 'Make your Home falls-free' home safety assessment. This checklist gives an overview of the main factors that increase the risk of falling and explains how these hazards can be avoided.

The campaign also provides a Falls Free plan - a self-assessment form asking questions about your general health and wellbeing to help identify simple activities and interventions that could help you maintain independence and reduce your risk of falling.

For more information, please visit or contact your local Home Instead Office.