I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my mum's carers based at Home Instead in Tettenhall, for their warm and understanding care, particularly during the current crisis. 

My thanks also extend to the office team as well, who must be juggling schedules daily and ensuring everything runs smoothly from our perspective; which it does.

I live 150 miles away, and because of Covid-19, I am unable to visit my mum at the moment. This is hard, but I find that reading the notes on the app on my phone is a huge comfort; as it lets me know that Mum is doing fine. Because of her dementia, she is, in fact, often oblivious to the lockdown and virus situation!

It is such a comfort to me to know that Mum is in such good hands. On Thursday evenings, I am clapping for my Mums fantastic Home Instead care team in Wolverhampton as well as the NHS and the many others who are helping to get us through these difficult days.

On behalf of my dear father – Mr DP – and myself, just a few lines to thank you so much for the care you provided dad over the last few months. We called upon your services during what was a difficult time for dad, at 92 years of age, with little family left and widowed for almost 20 years, also after a period of ill health, he had become very lonely. As an only child, working and with a husband and home to care for, I struggled to be with dad as much as I would have liked. We therefore hit upon the possibility idea of “companionship visits” and made enquiries with Home Instead. My initial contact was with Emma Pitt who was most helpful. She set up a meeting with us and listened patiently to dad and understood his needs immediately. Dad was introduced to EJP as his care provider. A perfect choice for dad and they really hit it off from day 1, building a very pleasant rapport over the months. The arrangement worked very well indeed, and we cannot thank both Emma Pitt and EJP enough for helping dad out of quite a dark period. (February 2020) ’’

Compliment from client's daughter

Dear Home Instead,

I would like to thank your team for the support you provided today for my father, Mr S. Josephine relayed information to me and organised additional cover, in addition to contacting the GP surgery.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved. I am pleased to report that having been checked over at New Cross he is back home and off the new medication that seems to give been the problem.

Kind regards

(June 2022)

PM (Son of client relocating to another HISC office)

Now that Dorothy has moved in with us, over here in Cambridgeshire, I just wanted to drop you a note so that we have on record how delighted we have all been with the work done by the HISC Team there in Wolverhampton.

As you know, it is testament to and the work done by the Team, that we have continued with HISC in terms of providing for Mum’s continuing needs in terms of her care.

The team here are working hard to match the standards set, but I have advised them how high the bar has been set!

Client compliment about Care Pro

It was lovely to meet Isabelle last Thursday.

Her attentiveness, care, and engagement with my mother were quite exceptional.

I don’t know if she will become a regular carer for us, but we would certainly be very pleased if she did

Mrs B, Daughter of client

Many thanks for going to Gravel Hill Surgery and arranging home visit for LW. I was completely at a loss after being repeatedly cut off on the phone and living so far away.

Home Instead has been such a huge help and reassurance over the last six months.

Remark to CQC Inspector - Anonymous

Staff are extremely considerate.  Everyone of them - and that includes the management and the office staff. 

Mr and Mrs P, Wombourne

Now that the month is over and we have finished our contract with the company, we would like to thank you all for the care and friendly help we have received over the last 6 months.  

I am happy to tell you that Tony is still well and continues to walk around Wombourne; without your help during those dark days we would have struggled to keep going. Should we ever need help again as we get older we will not hesitate to engage your services. The clear and efficient way the company is run was impressive, and the staff and carers we met became our friends.

Thank you all very much for the good care in our time of need (June 2021)

RS (Client)

I am very grateful for the help and support I have had from your staff and look forward to the not inconsiderable help I have still to come.

Every one of them has been a shining example of tight timekeeping , reliability, keenness to serve, courtesy and kindness. (Nov 2020)

Paul M (Son of Client)

Now that Dorothy has moved in with us, over here in Cambridgeshire, I just wanted to drop you a note so that we have on record how delighted we have all been with the work done by the HISC Team there in Wolverhampton. As you know, it is testament to and the work done by the Team, that we have continued with HISC in terms of providing for Mum’s continuing needs in terms of her care.

The team here are working hard to match the standards set, but I have advised them how high the bar has been set !

To summarise, from the first time we met with HISC in Wolverhampton to Mum’s last day at her Bungalow, to move over with us we have been impressed by the approach to her care and the attention to detail in terms of those ‘finer points’ of her care. All the Carers have shown the utmost empathy and understanding towards Mum, ourselves and other family members that have visited. As well as the regular Care Reviews, we received regular updates from you on Mum and the Care being provided with advice and recommendations. At all times we felt that you had at heart, Mum’s best interests.

You and the team recognised the distances involved for us and our other commitments that made it difficult for us to be there for every other Doctors and Hospital Appointments, the flexibility and understanding you showed there was exemplary. The gentle and caring treatment shown to Mum by all the Care Team is for me, a real testament to the recruitment and training that HISC employ.  Of course special note must go to Annmarie. Mum has asked a couple of times since moving ‘what happened to the pretty little Scottish one’? (!)  I have to say that the fact that Mum at 87 and with (as you well know) advanced Dementia, still remembers Annmarie, is a real credit to her.

We also always felt that we were getting good value for money, that the infrastructure in support of the Care Teams was good and that Office Staff awareness of us, Mum and her specific needs was also good.  It may be that I only had dealings with a few of the office team, but I felt that Nathan especially cared a lot about what he was doing and that his contribution mattered .As we both know, Mum is very gentle but still has some challenging needs in terms of personal care and significant memory issues. Again we felt that the understanding shown by all the Care Team at HISC was a good lesson for us all.

Very best regards, Paul

Helen and Andrea (Daughters of client)

Dear Lucie,

We would like to thank you for all of your help with respect to organising care for Dad (John).  Your efforts in organising, changing things around and doing your best to meet our needs is much appreciated. (March 2020)   

Claire S (Daughter of client)

Would you please pass on our thanks to mum's carer, Nicky, for all her time, patience and friendship.  Mum became very fond of her and we, the family, were comforted throughout mum's final months knowing that this was the case.  Thank you  (March 2020)

Louise W (Daughter of client)

Thank you so much for the care you have given my parents for the last few years. It has been a comfort to both me and my family that they were well cared for, and always treated with kindness and compassion.

Special thanks to Hayley and Emily who were available to give me advice when needed, and also a shoulder to cry on!! 

Client - 2017 Independent Survey

My carer SR is excellent in every way. She is always cheerful, patient and encouraging.

I am extremely grateful that she is my main carer as she obviously knows what she is doing and treats me with respect. A real asset to your team.

Sue W (Daughter of Client)

The care and support provided by the Home Instead Senior Care team has surpassed my expectations. They treat my father with respect and good humour and he enjoys his daily interactions with them. The team keep me updated if there are any problems and are swift to respond to any issues and show initiative to resolve situations at home.

Without doubt we could not manage without them, they enable my father to continue to live independently which would not otherwise be possible. 

Paul M (Son of client)

All of the Carers I have met and spoken with have been excellent, clearly really do care about Mum and Mum clearly enjoys their company 

Eric C (Client) - 2016 Independent Client Survey

My main carer is very professional and caring. I look forward to her coming every day...she is very pleasant and a godsend.

Daughter of Client - 2016 Independent Client Survey

Everyone who visits my Mother is well educated and well presented. They are patient, kind and caring and above all use their initiative, leaving me messages when they need something or something needs doing. I have heard some "horror" stories about other companies, but I am always quick to praise your company and pass on your details. 

RB (Wombourne)

Home Instead has made a massive difference to my quality of life.

It gives me independence and I feel my dignity is maintained and I have energy left over to actually do activities so I can enjoy life.

The carers are all excellent, help me maintain my independence and treat me with dignity. Office staff are great too. 

Kim C (Son of Client)

When you choose a Care Agency you can never really know how good that choice is until it is tested.

Over the last few years while you have been giving Mum that care, time and time again, your team has been tested and gone that extra mile and shown how much you really cared for Mum. Thank You! 

Rachel B (Wombourne)

District nurses are very impressed with the skincare and have commented that Home Instead Senior Care is the "gold standard" of carers. I personally am very impressed with my CAREGivers Corrine, Tracy and Natalie. 

Mrs CK, Wolverhampton

Thank you so much for the support and kindness you had for Ed and I. Your staff were kind and considerate, helping us through a difficult time. 

Miss J Smith, Wolverhampton

My CAREGiver Kate is absolutely brilliant and supports me with whatever I need. I have found her reliable, she has never let me down. 

Anonymous comment in 2015 Independent Client Survey

Time slots suitable, always on time and willing to spend extra time when needed. Always caring and interested in the client - sharing interest etc.and anything to make the client feel happier.

Anonymous comment in 2015 Independent Client Survey

Nothing is too much trouble and the carers are always cheerful, well presented and give of their best. Trustworthy too and I like the way you get regular staff and not a mix of different people.

Robert K (Client)

We are both completely happy with the service we are provided with and find the quality of care outstanding. Both our CAREGivers are wonderful. We would recommend Home Instead to anyone and have done so already. 

Janet C (Mother of Client)

Claire S is brilliant with Joanne, and she is also fond of Saffron and Hayley. We are very happy with the service. 

Mrs MPD (Client, Wolverhampton)

I am very happy with the service I receive, and have recommended the company to others. 

Janet B (Daughter of client)

I would just like to take the opportunity of expressing my sincere thanks to your staff.

They have been really helpful and kind to Mum and I over the last few days.

Even the paramedics said how good Amber and Saffron were with Mum and they had never seen such good carers 

Dan R (Son of Client)

Home Instead's care is consistent, high quality and first class across the board. 

Mrs E Cox

The CAREGivers I have met are lovely and I like them all. I can't fault them in anyway. 

Mrs N Young, Wolverhampton

I am very very happy with the support I receive from Home Instead Senior Care. I have my main carer who visits me and I only get someone else when she is on holiday. 

Ms Joanne S, Bilston, Wolverhampton

Staff at Home Instead Senior Care are always courteous, professional, caring and friendly. Kate, my CAREGiver, and I get along really well together. 

E J Smith (Daughter of client)

The same carer comes in daily. This continuity is what drew us to choose Home Instead, as for dementia sufferers this is hugely important... 

Kathleen B

I wouldn't be without my 2 CAREGivers.  They help me to go to all of my health appointments - without them I just couldn't do this.

Sue M (Daughter of Client) 

I just wanted to say that I received fantastic support from Trudi M and Teresa N last week when my mum was ill.  It is great to have a good care team working with my mum - but to get support for myself when needed is a big bonus.Thanks so much to both of them.

Mr and Mrs M, Wolverhampton

We don't know what we would do without Home Instead.  We are very happy with the service.

Mrs E J Smith (daughter of client), Finchfield, Wolverhampton

We are very happy with the service. Our main need was to have the same carer each day and this has been met. Ann Marie is a very kind and gentle carer, just what mum needed!  There may obviously come a time when we need to increase the amount of care for mum. I get the impression that this won't be a problem.

Joanne S (Client)

My CAREGiver is very compatible and I see her as a friend now.  Charlie, my dog, loves Kate as well. I am really happy with the service that Home Instead Senior Care provide, my CAREGiver has made a real difference to my life. 

Joyce (Daughter in Law of client)

It's like having sheltered accommodation at home.

Mrs D, Wolverhampton

I feel safe when I know the carers are coming.  The carers are my friends.

Mr P, Wolverhampton (Husband of Client)

My wife gets a cheery start to the day and I get some “me” time to enjoy breakfast and the newspaper

Paul F (Son of Client)

Just a short note to say how pleased we are with the excellent service mom is receiving from Karen.  They appear to have an excellent relationship with each other and true to your word ‘Home Instead’ are delivering everything it said it would.Thanks and Best Regards

Mrs R, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

We have used Home Instead Senior Care for almost a year and have been very pleased with all that they do for us, from the CAREGivers to the office administrators.  Our needs are catered for in all areas and their help has enabled the family to get more free time. My ex-husband is the client and his needs are being very well met - his expressions say it all!

Neil B (Son of Client)

When Mom needed care in 2012 Home Instead were recommended to me and they have been absolutely wonderful.They have provided care and companionship during a very difficult time when Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  From helping with medication to just chatting and even playing dominoes the carers did everything they could to ensure Mom was in her own home as long as possible.

Mr P, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

Since first hearing your name mentioned by our chemist on the Green, all contact with members of your team has been both friendly, instructive and of considerable service. Both my wife and I have the highest regard for all the meetings we have had with any members of your team, each one has conducted themselves with propriety, diligence and friendliness.

Denis B, Wombourne (son of client)

I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Home Instead, they have always been ready to go that "extra mile". On occasions when Mum has been ill they have made sure that appropriate care is summoned and have stayed with her over and above the time for which they were booked. Thank you for everything.

Sue M (Daughter of client) 

We continue to be very pleased with your excellent service - it is particularly good to have such reliability during this snowy weather.

Mrs M, South Wales

As everyone knows it can be difficult to find carers who genuinely care. Home Instead of Wolverhampton were recommended to me and I have found them excellent. My parents who are both in their 90’s and fiercely independent were very resistant to accepting any help; but within 3 weeks, they were won over and now couldn’t imagine coping without their carer. I have found it very easy to communicate with both the management and staff, everyone has been so supportive and prepared to go that extra mile, which for me is very reassuring as I live a long distance away from my parents.                                                           

Edward, Wolverhampton 

I am very pleased with the care Home Instead has provided to my 98-year old mother. I have particularly appreciated the friendliness of the carers and the relationship they built up with mum. Home Instead staff have always been willing to 'go that extra mile'.

Neil B, Wolverhampton

When I needed to arrange some care for my elderly mother in a hurry, Home Instead came out the next day to see what they could offer. From the outset the staff were punctual, caring and above all really patient with Mom and nothing has been too much trouble for them. For the last five months they have provided twice daily visits to help her take her medication, help with her shopping but usually just being there to have a cup of tea and a chat. When I can't be there, it is immensely reassuring to me to know that the same person each day is popping in to see that Mom is OK.

M S (Wife of client) 

I chose Home Instead Senior Care to care for my elderly blind husband when I had to be away for a few hours or just needed a break. I have found them to be a friendly, efficient and reliable agency whose care givers are lovely people who treat my husband with the same loving care as I would myself. They have quickly become firm friends while at the same time maintaining professionalism and integrity. They provide my husband with companionship and security, and me with confidence and peace of mind. 

Steve S, Sedgley

I would like to thank you and your company for the excellent quality of care given to my father by your staff. My father is averse to any change in his routine but both members of staff we dealt with handled his reluctance with patience and expertise, and it is testament to their friendly nature and complete professionalism that my father very quickly felt at ease with them both. Having experienced the services Home Instead provide, I would have no hesitation in recommending the company in the future.

Robert B, Wolverhampton 

The care team that the Care Manager has put together at the Tettenhall location is nothing short of fantastic. All the carers that were looking after my dad were lovely people. It actually gives you faith that there are still nice people out there. The care provided was brilliant and was delivered in a warm and loving manner. I felt totally comfortable with my dad being in their care and entertaining him.

Mrs M, Wolverhampton

Thank you Home Instead for being so flexible and supportive to my mother-in-law.  Home Instead is light years ahead of the other care company she has used.

Miss Smith, Wolverhampton

I have found the care we have received for my father to be very good, and the girls are very kind and understanding, and nothing is too much trouble.  Dad has been so much brighter in himself and looks forward to them coming and having a chat after they have done their chores. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other people (and have done so!).

Mrs S, Alberta, Canada

I am really grateful to Home Instead Senior Care for the way they supported my parents in their own home. All the staff are well-trained and reliable. However what differentiates Home Instead is that people go that extra mile to provide very caring, sensitive and flexible support . The care manager tunes into the real needs of the client and therefore organises the right people in the right place at the right time. She also kept me informed about how things were, emailing me regularly because I live at a distance. Most of all, the owner, manager and staff really so genuinely care and that is what matters most when you entrust the people you love to others for support. I would not hesitate in recommending the team to anyone who wants the best for their loved ones.

Mrs G, Stourbridge

The service was excellent and especially so when the situation became quite difficult. I really appreciate all that was done for my sister....