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As we get older things naturally become more difficult and needs evolve. Home Instead Windsor is here for the whole journey. We keep an on-going dialogue to make sure your visit frequency and length of visits are meeting the evolving needs.

If it gets to the time day-time and overnight visits from our Care Professionals are not enough, this doesn't mean that you or your loved one need to move into residential care, there is another option; Live-In Care. Live-In Care from Home Instead Windsor allows for one of our Care Pros to live with you giving you the benefit of living at home with all your home comforts and where everything is where you want it. Your Care Pro will be on hand to support you day or night, when you need them most.

What is Live-In Care?

Live-In Care is the perfect blend of independence and support from our Care Pros. You are able to live your life the way you want, knowing that someone is there should you need them.

Your Care Pro will be a familiar face that can support you with various home tasks, from cooking and cleaning to going out and seeing friends or attending social events. Our Live-In services include:

· Housekeeping:  The benefits of a clean & tidy home and nutritious home-cooked meals are far-reaching.

· Companionship:
Live-in care can provide a new lease of life, essential for physical & emotional wellbeing.

· Personal Care:
Highly personal and tailored support to care for our clients with dignity, respect & patience.

· Dementia Care:
Compassionate, insightful & proactive approach to dementia care, regarded best in class.

· Gold Standard End of Life Care:
UK’s leading framework for later years life plan that is right & personal for our client & their loved ones.

Who is Live-In Care for?

Live-in Care is designed for those who need non-nursing care (this is more than our Care Pros are trained for) but are not ready for a residential life. Your Care Pro can help with all things listed above and offer guidance on nutrition, mental stimulation and offer companionship. Live-In Care can be beneficial for those living with dementia, our Care Pros become a familiar face you can trust and will keep you safe.

Why Choose Home Instead Windsor?

All of our wonderful staff are fully trained, employed and managed by us, we don't out-source the work. We will also make sure that you and your Care Pro are fully introduced, and they have an understanding of your needs. As a company we will also keep in close contact to ensure that the working relationship is working, and you are happy with the person that is supporting you in your home.

Our Live-In service is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission in the same way as our visiting service is, and we are rated Outstanding. 

Home Instead Windsor 
Live-In Care Commitments:

· Highly personal advanced care plan, created through expert assessment and in consultation with our clients & their family, reviewed to meet changing needs.

· Continuity of one handpicked team of compassionate, Care Professionals, trained to industry leading standards.

· Diligent dialogue; face to face, over the phone & via our real-time care app, plus 24 hour support for our clients, the family, our Care Professionals & our care management team for peace of mind for all.

As well as Live-In Care, we offer hourly visiting care which allows up to provide a "wrap-around" service to cover live-in carer breaks so all of your care needs are coordinated as one.

Our Live-In Care Professionals

Our award-winning, outstanding care comes down to our team of expertly trained & experienced Care Professionals. We are meticulous about carefully selecting empathetic, enthusiastic, reliable people, all with care in their hearts and a warm & friendly nature who we would be happy to care for our own Mum or Dad.

Our service is relationship-led, and of course, the success of the relationship between client and carer must be working well. We maintain a very close ongoing contact with both the Care Pro and the client/family to make sure that everyone is happy, safe and getting the most from the care package.

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