End of Life Care, the Gold Standard

The National Gold Standards Framework is the accredited and recognised leading approach to care for people nearing the end of life, improving the quality, coordination and organisation of care to meet individual needs and preferences.

As passionate leaders in care, we pledge to ensure our clients, with their families, are supported with their journey in their final stages of life and ensure their wishes and choices are communicated to and respected by all. What is important to our clients as they near their last years of life? We ask what they value and what makes for a good quality of life and how they would like to spend their final months.

What kind of end-of-life plan leading up to and beyond is suitable for the individual and their loved ones?

Increasingly adopted by leading UK social care organisations, The Gold Standards Framework is proven to greatly benefit clients and their loved ones. And with our relationship-led model of care, we also recognise the importance of providing our Care Professionals emotional preparation and practical skills to support their clients, their families and each other as well as possible, in the lead up to and after the end of life.

We adopt this framework into our day-to-day operations. Clients and families benefit from Advanced Care Plans, born from sensitive and constructive discussions with our clients, communicating with the family and the team/s giving care, both inside and outside of Home Instead.

On a personal note, our Care Professionals find the training an educational, inspirational, eye-opening and sometimes heartbreaking journey. We are passionate about the difference adopting this framework makes to the experiences of our clients and their families, and indeed our deeply compassionate and caring Home Instead Care Professionals and office team.



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