Why I am a CAREGiver

One of our lovely CAREGivers has created an amazing poem about their role as a CAREGiver:

Why I am a CAREGiver

I don't see my role as a job or a living
I see it has a gift that just keeps on giving.
When I wake on a morning I ask myself
As I reach for my lanyard high up on the shelf.

What will I learn and what more can I share
As I go about my day delivering care.
Wearing a smile as I greet my first client,
Sometimes with caution and sometimes defiant.

Encouraging independence to do things their way,
I watch and observe, then I gently say.
"Shall we have a cuppa, I’ll put the kettle on"
Quite often the response is "Yes, please go on".

Just what they need to start the day
Then often they say" Have you got time to stay".
"I could do with a hand with a wash and a shave,
And if you don't mind, I'd love a shower or to bathe."

Personal care delivered with trust and respect,
Hesitation at first I quickly detect.
"Could you help me with preparing my lunch?
I often don't eat much, just a bit of a brunch."

Before I prepare to get up and leave,
My client gently takes hold of my sleeve.
"Thank you so much for calling today, "
I say "It’s ok - I was passing your way."

My client says softly "Will I see you some more? "
With a twinkle in my eye, I say" Tomorrow for sure....."