Digital brochures - now available

We're delighted to announce that our range of information brochures are now available to read digitally!  Whether you're after general information about the care we can provide for you or your loved ones or more specialist information regarding our care solutions, nutrition, preventing hospitalisation and making homes safer, these brochures are now available to read online. 

Simply choose the information you would like to read and click the highlighted area below. You can then turn the pages using the arrows as you would with a normal brochure. If you want to zoom into the pages to read the information more clearly, then simply press the '+' symbol in the magnifying glass. You can then scroll across the page using the drag bar.


Our information brochures;

  • Client Care - discover how we can help people maintain their independence and remain living comfortably in their own home

  • Care Solutions - personalised, tailored care to help your loved ones' specific needs 

  • Stay Nourished - explode the myths of ageing and diet, identify the warning signs of a poor diet and help tackle potential malnutrition that your loved one may be experiencing 

  • Making Homes Safer - ensure your loved ones' home is safe and comfortable with these helpful hints and tips 

  • Stand Up to Falls - discover the ways you can help your loved ones stay 'fall free' within their homes

  • Preventing Hospitalisation - identify the signs your loved one may be at risk of hospitalisation and discover how this can be prevented

To discover how we could help you or a loved one, or to start a consultation, please get in touch on 01937 220510.