Live-in caregiver roles

A Role as a Live-in caregiver

Some of our clients need more than hourly care. If you’re able to be a trusted companion, we’d love you to consider our live-in caregiver roles. 

Not only is it crucial to meet our clients’ practical needs; some also seek a source of comfort throughout the day. Our live-in caregiver provide care for a set number of hours daily and reside in the home of a client.

The caregiver helps with daily activities depending on the client’s needs, whether that’s light housework and cooking, or assisting with bathing and getting dressed. When not working their agreed hours, live-in caregivers are able to rest, sleep and enjoy regular daily activities that they would normally do. 

Having a constant familiar face makes a huge difference to some of our clients. That’s why being a live-in caregiver is so rewarding.


Does being a live-in caregiver mean providing care 24/7?

No. You will work a set number of hours a day, and outside those hours you are free to do what you choose. That said, there might be times when you need to see to your client’s needs, e.g. if an emergency arises. In that case, you will get the time back as compensatory ‘rest time’.

Will I get breaks from living with a client?

Yes. The needs of the client will determine how long you will live with them, and how much time you will get off. For example, you might work for a period of two weeks, before taking two weeks off. This will be discussed and agreed with you before you begin your role.

Will I work alongside any other Care Professionals?

When you’re not working, it’s likely that another caregiver will perform your role. Or the client’s relatives might decide to step in and help.

Will I care for one or two clients?

Some of our live-in caregivers provide care for a couple, which means them receiving a higher hourly rate of pay.

What information can I expect before I undertake the role?

Before you accept a role, you will know the client’s location, the expected start date, the expected duration, the expected working pattern, a description of the client’s need, and the household situation, e.g. whether you would be caring for one or two people.

Will I receive training?

Every Care Professional receives training through our learning and development programme. Our live-in caregivers undergo further training, with emphasis on topics such as lone working and basic life support.

How much experience do I need?

As you will be living with someone who requires care, you will need to have previous care experience. 

Do I get food provided?

Yes. The client will need to budget for a food allowance, either supplying you with three meals a day or a food allowance of £35 per week.

What amenities will I have access to?

The water and electricity supply will be included, as will access to TV and WiFi. You’ll have your own room to sleep and unwind in.

Will I be employed or self-employed?

You will be employed by the Home Instead franchise.

Will I still be entitled to the same employment rights?

Yes. Live-in caregivers are entitled to holiday pay on a pro-rata basis, sick pay and maternity pay, in line with statutory requirements.

Want to apply for a Live-in Care role?

If working as a Live-in CAREGiver sounds right for you, then why not head over to our vacancies page to see what roles we currently have available and apply today.

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