The Purple Hub

On Monday 9th September we launched a new community engagement group called The Purple Hub! 

The idea behind The Purple Hub is that it would be an inclusive space for people who receive care, people that are isolated or lonely, and for people with dementia. There are different activities and entertainment at each session as well as the chance to relax and make new friends.

We are excited to be working with some wonderful people on this new project for our community who all have a huge amount of experience in care, and knowledge of the importance of social interactions, maintaining skills and having fun with others. Our Purple Hub partners are Nicky Tweedle - Director of Activ8ties, Stephen Barrie Watters - Director of That Creative Thingy Wotsit CIC and April Lewis - Purple Angel Ambassador. 

Local healthcare professionals have visited the group to see what it's all about so they can signpost it to people they know. These professionals include representatives from the Alzheimer's Society, Community Connect (CURO) and Weston General Hospital's Admiral Nurse (specialist dementia nurse).

The group is free to attend, and is able to operate due to an amazing funding grant from the Draper Dementia Fund. This fund was created through a legacy left behind by the late Penny Draper, who was passionate about supporting people living with dementia in her area. It was set up in conjunction with Rethink Mental Illness and has £10,000 to distribute to suitable groups in North Somerset. The Purple Hub applied for a portion of this fund and were granted the requested amount. This is great news as we all wanted the group to be open to everyone, and not excluding people because they can't afford to come. Having the grant means we don't have to charge admission to people attending the group.

The group runs twice a month on a Monday, 10:30 - 12:00 at the Vintage Church on Hughenden Road. See the Facebook group purplepeople for a list of dates. All are welcome and there is no need to book. We would love to see you there! Please help us spread the word about this fantastic community group!
The Mayor at the Purple Hub launch