World Poetry Day - 21st March 2021

It's World Poetry Day on 21st March 2021, and to mark the occasion we wanted to share the most recent poem written by our very talented CAREGiver, Mandy. She wrote this poem for us at the beginning of the latest lockdown and we are very much hoping this is the last lockdown she has to write about!

2021 Here we go again. 

I feel its time for another poem.
Its been a while so let's get going

So ladies and gents another lockdown is here
But we will get through it like we did last year

Bloody covid the bugger causing havoc again
Being patient is the key as we feel like caged hens

Our fringes are growing our hairs loosing its style
The hairdressers are shut, at least for a while

Lounge suits are our saviours, its about comfort not style
Sorting old paper work in order to file

We cook we clean we mop the floors
We all stay home behind closed doors

Monopoly and cards the highlight of the day
Quarrels and CHEATING !!! Not me I must say

Positive thoughts, the only way for us.
A jab in the arm we all have to trust.

It could be worse, It could be a jab in your bum.
And to be fair to us all that wouldn't be much fun

Onwards and upwards is what we all say.
As we ponder and think a thought for the day.

One thing we agree on, this company is the BEST
You would NEVER find another it should have its own crest