Partnership with ORCHA - May 2021

Last year we partnered with ORCHA to enhance the experience we provide our clients and their families and to use technology to support us in achieving our vision to change the face of ageing. 

ORCHA is the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps.  The organisation was set up to evaluate, approve and review health and social care apps, to ensure that users were reading and receiving information that is accurate and in line with governing body regulations as well as WHO.  ORCHA already work very closely with the NHS and a number of county councils.

ORCHA test apps for the NHS, to produce a library of evaluated apps that you can trust. The apps cover a range of needs, from nutrition and exercise to those guiding you on managing age-related conditions.  Today, there are thousands of apps available and no regulations around them.  This can make it hard to find ones which are safe, effective and easy to use.  ORCHA can help make this process smoother and easier to navigate around. 

Through ORCHA we are able to share and recommend apps to our clients and gives them a trustworthy tool to keep them independent, safe and well.  There are also some excellent apps available to help our CAREGivers with their wellbeing when not visiting clients.  Helping them to stay focused and relaxed.

Here are the top 5 sleep apps on ORCHA:
Sleepio | iOS
Sleep & meditation: sleep stories to relax by Wysa | Android
Feeling Good: positive mindset | iOS, Android
Melon: healthier, happier you | iOS
Sleeprate: balance your sleep | iOS
Find them on our apps library here

Here are the top 5 wellbeing apps from Orcha:
Foundations: formerly Evermind | iOS, Android
Superbrains | iOS, Android
87% | iOS, Android
Go Jauntly: discover walks | iOS
Melon: healthier, happier you | iOS
Find them on our apps library here