Question Time

One of the biggest challenges that Coronavirus has brought in the last few months has been an increase in social isolation. Many of our clients attend clubs, meet regularly with friends/family and stay connected through social activity. But unfortunately many of these things are no longer available at this time. We wanted to think of ways to keep our clients active while at home.

So we have produced a puzzle, games and information booklet designed specifically with our clients in mind. We wanted to provide a resource which can be enjoyed at home, with maybe a family member or CAREGiver and will hopefully keep our clients occupied as they are not able to get out as much.
All our clients have received one but we also wanted to share it with the local community and can now be found in various places suchlike doctors surgeries.

We have already had some lovely feedback from some of our clients. This came from our CAREGiver Angela, ’Patricia is enjoying the puzzle book. We’ve done the cities, she thinks it's a brilliant idea and says thank you.’ And CAREGiver Carol said, ‘Olive was very impressed and loves it.’ 
We’re delighted to hear our clients are enjoying it.

If you know of anyone in the local area who might like one then please get in touch and let us know. Call the office on 01923 250513.