Our CAREGivers are Dementia Friends

Today, our director, Peter delivered a dementia talk to 15 of our CAREGivers.  Dementia friends is an initiative that we have talked about before. It is run by the Alzheimer's Society, and aims to spread awareness of what Dementia is and what it’s like for the person who has it.

Peter is a dementia champion and was trained by the Alzheimer’s Society to teach members of the public about Dementia. He has previously delivered these sessions to nurses and health practitioners. After today’s session, he has now made over 400 dementia friends in total!

The purpose of the initiative is to remove the negative stigma around the disease and let some light in. The more people who understand it and know how to behave towards someone with it, the less negativity there will be associated with it.

The talk included a bingo session, played with some of the characteristics of dementia in place of numbers, several helpful anecdotes about how those with dementia have lived good lives and also visuals to help illustrate how the world looks to somebody living with it.

Now our CAREGivers are dementia friends, it is their job to go out into the world and take action. This can be anything from telling five people about the initiative, to making sure to visit someone with the illness and keep in contact with them.

We’re very happy to welcome 15 new Dementia friends into the initiative!