Home Instead Watford's Buddy System

Since lockdown was put in place 3 months ago, our team of CAREGIvers and office staff have all been in very different situations whether it’s been continuing to work or self isolating. But one thing we have all felt, is the need to stay connected with each other. So to help everyone cope with this strange situation, Elena, our recruitment coordinator, came up with a brilliant idea to connect people to each other through a Buddy System.

The idea was that Elena would put all the names (of those that wanted to take part in the buddy system) into a hat, she would then draw 2 names at a time and create a WhatsApp group for that pair. They could then start chatting! 
‘What I wanted to do was to bring 2 people together who are in the same boat, having the same experiences whilst going through the pandemic. It also gave them a chance to meet people they’ve never met before within the company.’

It’s safe to say it has been a great success. This is some of the feedback from both CAREGivers and office staff.

CAREGiver Taran said, ‘I found the buddy system to be brilliant, connected to people who I probably never would have had the opportunity to speak with. I have made a few friends that I will definitely be keeping in contact with in the future. Sharing how my day has been and how my buddy has been has been so nice. It’s nice to hear that some of my worries are not silly and others are also going through the same thing.’

Nicola from the office team loved the interaction with other colleagues who she may never have met. ‘We have shared our experiences of lockdown, families and how we have kept ourselves busy. I still talk to old buddies. Thanks Elena for keeping this going as it’s great to stay in touch, especially when I’m not put in the field - keeps our work family close, because that’s what we are, a family.’

Kerri said ‘I’m having a good few chats with people. I love chatting so I think it’s a great way of getting to know the other carers.’

‘I enjoy chatting to other carers/buddies. It’s great if you have something in common with them and also there may be a problem you can help them with. Just by talking you can make them feel happier and that it is ok to feel down etc. and be able to lift them up’ explained another CAREGiver Jan.

Sam loves that it has brought the team together ‘I have enjoyed the buddy system, as it has help me get to know other carers and their likes and dislikes, which makes us feel even more like a family.’ 

We love that it has brought people closer as a team! A big thank you goes to Elena for making it all happen.