Keeping Connected with Loved Ones

Lockdown has been a challenging time for us all but there have been some positives that have come out of it. It would seem that lockdown is bringing us closer together as technology is enabling us to stay connected and in contact with loved ones, possibly even more than before. People are video-calling, doing virtual quizzes, celebrating birthdays and generally checking in on friends and families more than ever.

Even though technology will never replace the human touch, it can enhance peoples' lives. It is helping people connect with their family at a distance and it has reminded us that there are multiple ways of staying in touch, especially for those who live far away from their loved ones and who may not see each other very often ordinarily.

Grandparents and relatives over the age of 70 especially are suffering from the lack of contact with their grandchildren and are being hit hard by the lockdown, but as a result, many grandchildren and younger generations are engaging more with the older generation through technology forming even closer bonds than before.

Home Instead carried out a survey and it was found that nearly a third have been in contact with relatives that before lockdown they have not spoken to in more than 12 months. 

According to, new research has found that 54% of young Brits feel a deeper connection with their grandparents than ever before and we are on average checking in with grandparents and elderly relatives four times a week – before lockdown this was significantly less at an average of once a fortnight.

The internet has also been a saviour when it comes to keeping us all occupied and has given our elderly relatives the opportunity to learn how to use technology to help them through this difficult time, often with the help of the younger more tech-savvy generation! They have been introduced to online shopping, film and TV accounts such as Netflix, online exercise classes and can now generally reap the benefits of the internet that maybe they would not have done before.

So despite this time being a difficult time for us all, we can also be grateful for the relationships and more frequent connections that have been created with our loved ones because of it.

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