Introducing our CAREGivers

Sam Stockdale

1 What is the best thing about working for Home Instead? 
It’s like one big family, always somebody there if you need to talk, lots of support and training, I’ve also worked for a few different care companies over the last 20 years never found one as good as Home Instead.

2 How long have you worked for Home Instead?
I worked for Home Instead for two years, then left for a year for a new career that I was not happy in. So I went back to Home Instead and have now been there a year in September 2020.

3 What made you consider a career in care? 
I love the feeling you get when you make somebody smile. I also enjoy talking about the old days, listening to people's lovely stories. There is no job more satisfying.

4 What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working? 
Spending time with my family, cooking and cleaning and any type of DIY.

5 How does the job fit in well with your life? 
This job is very flexible, you can work what hours you want and there’s no pressure on how much or how little work you do which is perfect when you have a family.