Supporting World Alzheimer's Month - Sept 2020

World Alzheimer's Month is the international campaign every September to raise awareness about dementia. It’s so important for there to be greater awareness and understating of dementia, now more than ever due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Dementia affects almost 50 million people worldwide and a new case of dementia occurs somewhere in the world every 3 seconds. Living with dementia at any time brings everyday challenges for the person and those around them, but coronavirus is making daily life even harder.

A person living with dementia who has memory problems or confusion may struggle with the guidance and rules around coronavirus. These include frequent handwashing, and social distancing when outside to reduce the risk of catching the virus. This may mean that, without help to stay safe, someone with dementia may be a bit more likely to become infected with the virus.

Another challenge facing those living with dementia is that they may not like wearing a face covering, or understand why they should wear one. They could forget as to why they need to be worn, or they may not like the feel of the fabric. They may become anxious that it will stop them from breathing or they may even have had a past experience that may make them feel fearful about wearing one (perhaps a young child in the war) 

With this in mind, extra support is required for those living with dementia and at Home Instead Watford, we are working hard throughout the crisis to ensure that our clients with dementia get the support they need during this difficult time. At the same time we are following the Government’s guidance on delivering home care including using the correct PPE at the appropriate times and following social distancing advice as much as possible.

With years of experience in dementia home care and ageing, we are confident that we are helping our clients as much as we can through this very challenging time.

If you want more information about World Alzheimer's Month and why it’s important, visit: or for more information about Covid-19 and the affects its having on those living with dementia visit