Co-director, Alexis, raises £24,000 for cancer charity

A huge congratulations is in order for our co-director, Alexis, for completing a 26 mile walk to raise money for cancer charity, Action Against Cancer.

 In June 2015, Alexis’ brother in law, Mike, was sadly diagnosed with bowel cancer.  He was referred to world- renowned oncologist, Justin Stebbing, who also runs a research laboratory at Imperial College London. Upon discovering his dedication to finding a cure, the sisters decided that they wanted to contribute to Stebbings work.

 On Sunday May 22, herself and her two sisters walked the Oxfordshire countryside and have raised an incredible £23,910.00 for the charity!

 The sisters completed the walk in 7 hours and 36 minutes, which is a fantastic achievement!

 The initial target was to raise £10,000 for the charity, but through the generosity of friends, family and the local community, they have managed to raise more than double their goal.

 Alexis would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported them and contributed to their cause.

It’s still not too late to donate. If you would like to contribute, please follow this link: