Busting the myths of working in care

These are 5 common myths about working in care, but the reality of working for Home Instead is very different. Read on to find out about the positive aspects of being a CAREGiver. 

1. CAREGivers rush from visit to visit without time to care
This may be true with other care companies – but with Home Instead Watford we provide a minimum of one hour care visits to enable you to  truly build trust and provide the highest standard of care

2. CAREGivers are unskilled

In fact, our CAREGivers are put through a thorough induction at our welcome programme and provided with all mandatory training required to do their job safely and ensure they have good knowledge. We also mentor our CAREGivers for 12 weeks to ensure their knowledge and skills are sufficient to provide the highest quality of care.

3. CAREGivers are paid a very low wage

Home Instead Watford offers very competitive rates starting at £9.25 per hour weekdays and £10.25 per hour at weekends. Also, as we send you to regular clients with minimum 1 hour visits, it is easier to work out your income. We also offer guaranteed income contracts of 16 or 20 hours as long as you can offer more availability than this.

4. CAREGivers only do routine tasks.

A CAREGiver provides support with various tasks, such as medication, housework, washing etc, but CAREGivers offer SO much more than that. They also provide social and emotional support which can be as important to the client’s wellbeing as performing tasks.

5. All CAREGiver services are the same

This is very much false. There are many home care companies now and it is so important you pick the right one that meets your or your family members needs. Always do your research and ask lots of questions.