Alexis is awarded a community hero award!

We are so proud to announce that Alexis, co-owner of Home Instead Watford, has won a community hero award for her support in helping to make Watford a dementia-friendly town.

Alexis began working with her husband, Peter, at Home Instead 4 years ago and her passion for dementia care grew from there. She decided to volunteer as a dementia friend champion for Alzheimer's Society in June last year.

 “About 50 per cent of people we look after have dementia and I want to help people living in the community with dementia to stay safe and happy in their own home. I want to raise awareness in the community and for people to understand what it is like living with dementia and having the right resources in place so they can take part in society.”

As a volunteer, Alexis creates dementia friends by running sessions in schools, hospitals and other community groups. The free training she provides ensures people living with dementia have others who understand their challenges and know how to talk to them.

Alexis has created nearly 800 dementia friends in Watford and hopes in the future more businesses in the town centre can get involved with the training.

The most recent project Alexis has been involved in, alongside Watford and Three Rivers Trust, is a memory café which takes place on the first Friday of every month to support people with dementia and their carers. She will also be organising a Christmas concert at St Mary’s Church to take place in early December.

Alexis was thrilled to receive the award but she said  “I don’t see myself as a community hero. I do it because I think it is important to the community. It is really about hearing the voices of people with dementia, what they want and how we can help the carers.”