Live-in Care Q&A - March 2021

Our Live-In care service could be a great solution if you or a loved one requires full time care, but wants to remain in your own home. This Q&A can help with understanding more about the Live-In Care service we provide.

What sort of help and support will your carers provide?
Personal care, companionship, house work, meal preparation, medication administration.

How will my care be managed?
An appointed person will manage your package of care and phone regularly. They will also visit weekly to ensure you are happy with every aspect of your care. CAREGivers work on a two week on two week off rota.

How long does the support last?

It lasts as long as you want it to.

Is there anything your carers are not permitted to do?

They are not medically trained and therefore unable to carry out medical procedures.

What if I don’t get on with my carer?

We will come out to see you to discuss the situation and look at a replacement as soon as possible.

What will I be expected to provide?

A bedroom with TV, WiFi and 3 meals a day

Will my carer have a break or rest period?

CAREGivers will require a break to be arranged when the package is agreed.

Will my carer assist me at night?

CAREGivers can work a maximum of 10 hours during the day time. If they are needed during the night we would have to discuss other options.

What happens if the carer falls ill, or has an accident whilst on duty which prevents them from working?

We would find an alternative CAREGiver as soon as possible.

What happens if my regular carer is sick or goes on holiday?

We would find another CAREGiver if your regular CAREGiver is sick. Holidays are planned in advance so we would have another CAREGiver in place.

What happens if I fall ill and have to go to hospital?
CAREGiver can stay at the property so that they are there for your return until they are at the end of their two weeks.

How often do you invoice for Live-In Care?

Monthly in advance.

How soon can my care start?

As soon as we have visited you to assess your needs and found a CAREGiver we feel is a good match, usually within one week.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to cancel the service?

One months notice