From City Cauldron to CAREGiver - Feb 2021

Our CAREGivers join us from a range of sectors, including industries that many wouldn’t associate with care. Often it’s only when they get started that they realise that they have already built a skillset that gives them a head-start in a care role.

Meet Scott, our CAREGiver who worked as a sales manager in London and then set up his own PR company. It was in this job that he gained many skills that has helped Scott to become the great CAREGiver he is - that and his naturally caring personality. This is Scott’s journey to Home Instead Watford:


My career background, before moving into a carer, role was built up working in London. I left University with high hopes of success and so embarked on an 18-year journey. In that period I learned how to become a successful Corporate Sales Manager, working across the IT Training, Technology and Telecoms sectors. I took a career change in my mid 30’s and developed a successful Public Relations business for myself, working in the Performance Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, Beauty, Luxury and Health and Wellbeing sectors. Effective and productive communication has always been at the heart of my work and that led me on to working with various brands on their digital strategy and managing social media activity.


I think the most overriding reason for me deciding to become a CAREGiver with Home Instead, is down to my beliefs and where I was in my life when I first came to meet Elena, the recruitment manager at Home Instead! I’ve always respected my elders and am a naturally caring human being. I spent 18 years in the ‘City cauldron’ and it developed me but the work place was too aggressive quite a lot of the time and so stepping into PR was a welcome break away at that time. PR is about communication on so many levels and so I was able to hone my skills and become a real ‘people oriented person’. I saw the CAREGiver role as a perfect opportunity to use my communicative skills, coupled with my nature as a caring individual to jump in and begin to help and support others. In a nutshell I’ve always wanted to do good for others and make life a little bit better. I feel a tremendous sense of fulfilment and reward doing what I do now and am very happy with my decision to join Home Instead Watford!