Be scam aware during the pandemic - Jan 2021

There will always be people trying to take advantage of older people and their situations and the pandemic is no exception. While vaccination details are getting worked out, read on to find out ways to avoid COVID-19 vaccine scams:

Three ways to avoid COVID-19 vaccine scams

You can’t pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. That’s a scam. 

You can’t pay to get early access to the vaccine. That’s a scam. 

Nobody legit will call about the vaccine and ask for financial details, bank account, or credit card number. That’s a scam. 

The coronavirus vaccine is free on the NHS and no NHS organisation will ask for financial details. All letters inviting people to book into a vaccination centre will be personally addressed and contain your unique NHS number if you’re unsure about a web link there will also be a number provided that you can call to book.

How to avoid other coronavirus scams

Learn how to tell the difference between a real contact tracer and a scammer. Legitimate tracers need health information, not money or personal financial information.

Ignore offers for vaccinations and miracle treatments or cures.
Scammers are selling products to treat or prevent COVID-19 without proof that they work.

Be wary of ads for test kits.
 Many test kits being advertised have not been approved and aren’t necessarily accurate. Almost all authorised home tests don’t provide rapid results and require you to send a test sample to a lab for analysis.