Specialising in exciting new dementia programme

It is so important to really get to know the person
It is so important to really get to know the person

A team of Care Givers from Warrington have undergone specialist training in how to work more effectively with clients with dementia. The programme has been developed by a team of world renowned ageing and dementia specialists and has received very positive feedback from the Alzheimer's Society.

With the number of people with dementia on the increase, this new training programme accredited by City and Guilds has been developed especially for Home Instead Senior Care, it builds on the extensive experience of the Care team and allows them to channel their compassion and care for the clients and their families in a new and innovative way.

The programme teaches practical techniques for managing the behaviour most commonly demonstrated by people with dementia. It doesn't focus on the symptoms and treatments but on managing the different and sometimes challenging behaviours associated with dementia, such as refusal to co-operate, frustration, false accusations, repetition and wandering. A key outcome is that Care Givers learn to respect the person with dementia as an individual and observe, honour and support their lives.

The training is based on the belief that rather than trying to force those living with dementia to live in our world, "in the here and now", we need to meet them in the past and the training helps our Care Givers to achieve this. Traditional dementia care has focused on stopping the person with dementia from exhibiting unwanted behaviours, whereas this programme teaches Care Givers to focus on supporting wanted behaviours and so improve the quality of the person's life and that of their family.

The overall aim of the programme is to allow as many people as possible  to remain in their own homes, for longer than would otherwise be possible. We see it very much as team approach, working closely with family members to help them gain confidence in dealing with behaviours that can be irrational or hard to understand, also working with key partner agencies who have a great deal of expertise and by jointly taking a person centred approach we can work together to support the person and their family maintain a good quality of life.

Director of Home Instead Warrington, Melissa Critchley says,"We are committed to the training and development of our Care Givers, we have a fantastic team, doing a great job and we believe their genuine care and compassion for clients sets them apart, this training has allowed them to develop some new skills that will greatly help."

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home