Book Club Opening

We were delighted to have Bob Kahn with us on Friday for the opening of our Library, Bob is a family member of Client that we support. Melissa and Bob have joined forces and bought books that are available for all of our CAREGivers and Key players. I am delighted to share Bobs Library opening speech.

"My wife Sylvia, greeted a carer this week with the words, “Are you my friend?” Now, Sylvia is some nine years into Alzheimer’s. She wasn’t sure if she would be safe. Many people behave that way with books. They seldom read or ask the question of a book: “Are you my friend?” It’s an important question to ask: Might any of the books here be your friends? Pick up the book. Glance at the introduction and the conclusion. Check out the index, and then decide: Is this particular book my friend? Do I want to read it? Two books of particular interest are Wendy Mitchell’s Somebody I Used to Know (with a blog at and Dr.Jennifer Bute’s Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope (with a website at http://www.gloriousopportunity,org). My experience is that books can save you a lot of trouble, because you can learn from the experiences of others. It’s much easier to read about problems than to live through them. Once you’ve read about a particular problem, it’s easier to deal with it yourself.Books, along with exercise and diet keep you young. That’s easy to remember BED—books, exercise, diet, which makes BED; and sleep helps too. I’m 81 now; and one of my children sent me a birthday card for “18” and said I could turn it around if I wanted to. Of course, I chose to be 18 . Someone in my exercise class said, “Yes, that’s what happens to all of us. We become RCT—Re-cycled Teenagers.” Perhaps"
Jean, Bob and Melissa