Archie's Story

Now that VE day has passed, we wanted to continue to celebrate our heroes and share this story of one of our clients who is a WW2 veteran. Meet Archie.

Archie was 17 years old and worked on a farm when the war started, this meant that he did not need to go to war but volunteered to protect his country following in his father’s footsteps.

He joined the Navy and worked on HMS Renown as a stoker in the engine room. He saved many lives one night, when an accompanying ship was bombed. He went out to sea on a small boat to save as many seaman as he could find in the cold and dark, we can only imagine what this would have been like for him.

But life on board had its fun times too, when Archie celebrated his 21st Birthday he got so drunk he was not able to work for two days, his fellow shipmates covered his workload for him, and saved Archie from being court-martialled. He was also onboard when Winston Churchills daughter Mary, celebrated her 21st Birthday on the ship, he has many photographs of Churchill and he recalls shouting “Happy Birthday” to Mary during her celebrations.

Archie Met his beloved Enda at a dance hall when the last song of the night was "who’s taking you home tonight" and there was only one girl for him.

He still says to this day, he hopes his mum would be proud of him, we are positive that she would have been very proud, just as we are proud to be able to share your story. Thank you Archie 💜