Companionship Service

For some seniors, it can be difficult to get out and meet people.  Family may live a long way away, and everyone leads busy lives so a visit from a Home Instead CAREGiver can be a real boost  to combat loneliness.   Quality companionship services can mean many things.  In its simplest form it can be a chat and a cup of tea, talking about their family or jobs they have done in the past.  We work hard to match clients with CAREGivers who have something in common and we make sure it is the same CAREGivers who visit, whether it is twice a day or once per week.   For our CAREGivers, it is more than just a job so we also encourage clients and CAREGivers (and families) to use their imagination, and to do something personal.  Here are a few ideas that have worked wonders for some of our clients.


Some clients love to play their favourite music so they can sing or dance along.  Although we think all our CAREGivers are outstanding, not all of our CAREGivers (or clients) are trained singers, but they have so much fun it doesn’t matter and it is just the job to bring a lot of joy into the home.  Other activities at home can include reading, jigsaws, baking, model making and other crafts and games.


It’s always good to get some fresh air so a walk at the park can work a treat – and why not take some bread to feed the ducks?  Or it could be something that our seniors have enjoyed all their lives – it has been known for seniors to be accompanied to watch their favourite football team.  If a client wants to get out but without walking too far, garden centres and coffee shops are another favourite.


Clients with Alzheimer’s or other dementia’s may love to do activities connected with their past.  This can be as simple as assisting with sorting out old photos, but CAREGivers may be able to find books and pictures about local history or they could find objects or clothes that they remember from their past. By extending the activity CAREGivers can take clients for a trip down memory lane (some call it a magical mystery tour).  Driving round the streets where they used to live, and past their old house, school or workplaces could be just the job to raise the spirits.


If someone wants to attend a special occasion CAREGivers can drive and accompany seniors so they can still be involved in family events.  CAREGivers feel very honoured to help clients to attend weddings for example and they can be as supportive or as discreet as necessary.  It is not unheard of for CAREGivers to be asked to accompany someone on holiday or to visit a special place.  This can be a real treat for the client.


If you have some ideas of your own, please give us a call, we will do whatever we can to provide the individual companionship service that you are looking for.  Or if you live in Stourbridge, Hagley, Belbroughton, Clent or Halesowen and feel inspired to provide care and companionship for someone else, please check the jobs on our vacancies page or give us a ring on 01562 885589.

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