Southport Hospital’s 1st Older Peoples Information Day

Southport Hospital hosted their 1st Older Peoples Information Day on 5th October at the Clinical Education Centre.   The event was well laid out with information stands manned by the Stroke Association, McMillan, Parkinsons UK, Wiltshire Farm Foods and the Alzheimers Society to name but a few.   The day was well attended by NHS staff who want to find out a little more about the services available to support patients returning home or family members who need that little extra support for their loved ones.   It was also the perfect time for Irene Hough to introduce new General Manager Jan Anderson to the other services at the event.   We are all working towards the same goal which is to ensure that older people can live healthier and happier lives in their own homes for longer. 

Thank you to Megan Langley for co-ordinating such a well attended event

For any information on our services, please contact us on 01704 547938 for Southport & Formby areas or 0151 928 8532 for Crosby and Waterloo.