A Day in the Life of a CAREGiver - Sep 2018

Meet Gill, one of our lovely CAREGivers who has worked at Home Instead Southport and Formby for two years now. Gill’s interest to work for us was initially sparked when she heard about the care experience a friend’s mother-in-law had received.

Before joining our team, Gill worked as a medical secretary and secretarial/admin for a Civil Service Department over a period of 30 years, whereby she took voluntary redundancy to explorer a new career interest in the care sector.

 Upon completion of CARE Giver training, Gill commenced part-time work with clients and her love for the job soon became apparent. Gill now works 12-15 hour a week with lots of clients and enjoys the variety her personalised approach brings.

In addition to CAREGiving, Gill also fills her time working as an exam invigilator at a local high school during term dates.

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What do you like about being a CAREGiver in Southport and Formby?

This job is very rewarding, varied and interesting.

What do you get from your job

Fulfilment! It is the most fulfilling job I have ever had.


What does a typical CAREGivers day look like?
The job varies from day to day. On a Tuesday, for example, I take a lady out to lady greens for a drive, a cup of tea and a wander around. Sometimes when the weather is nice I take my client to Crosby beach. We enjoy a good chat which helps to make their day.


Do you get a good work-life balance?

My schedule fits in well around my personal life. It gives me enough time to fit around my family. The fact that it is flexible is a great help as I am able to change things, should I need to.  

Do the office team work to your availability?

Yes, I have a structure to my availability which is really appreciated as I know when I can book in appointments.

Has the job met expectations?

I received great training so I was prepared and confident to meet clients.

What’s one of your favourite moment in the job?

Once a client said to me “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Would you recommend others to become a CAREGiver?

Yes, I would recommend the job to caring people. You really need to be a people person and have patience.

How would you sum up what being a CAREGiver is all about?

It’s about being a friend to support a Client. Being a helping hand when needed and a listening ear. Most of all it’s about being trustworthy and reliable.

 A client’s relative was so impressed by Gill’s personalised approach, she shared a glowing review saying,

Mum's lovely carer has been with her for a couple of years and is totally amazing. When Mum was still at home, the carer came in twice a week and helped her to manage her money, make lovely lunches, washing and so much more. Not only that, the carer actively looked for things to do in order to make Mum's life better and often came up with suggestions/ideas.”

She went on to talk about the continuity of care Gill provided when her mum moved into a care home saying,

When Mum moved into a care home earlier this year, the carer really wanted to continue helping mum. This continuity of care really helped Mum to settle into the care home in the first few weeks, also enabling her to get out and about to the places she enjoys going. The carer is a complete angel and we are so grateful for her kindness and care.”

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