World Kindness Day

Happy #WorldKindnessDay !

In celebration of World Kindness Day, we bring to you a “kindness insight” on the kindness shown by one of our wonderful CAREGiver’s, Maria.

“My name is Maria, I joined Home Instead in November 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I was assigned to a lovely Lady to help with her household chores. She lived in a spacious bungalow with a large garden alongside her husband. I soon learnt that her husband in his 90’s was a passionate gardener an interest I also shared. I always made time to walk around the garden with him and we would chat about all the plants he grew, many of which he ordered from a catalogue and tendered them from young shoots. I have seen the garden through winter and then an abundance of spring bulbs all planted by this gentleman, my favourite flower is the peony; with many varieties which were stunning, then into the summer months of beautiful roses, lilies, and bedding plants, now it’s Autumn and the garden is being tidied up ready for the cold winter months. On my last visit my client’s husband was happily painting the trellis.

I had moved from a house on a large plot with a big garden to a house with only a courtyard so giving my client’s husband a helping hand is good for us both. I always ask my client if she can spare me a little time to help her husband in the garden and she is happy to allow me this as she knows how much effort the garden takes to maintain and how sharing his enthusiasm makes him happy.

One particular day my client’s husband beckoned me into the Garden. He knew I had some knowledge of plants and he excitedly pointed out an unusual plant that had appeared in the border. I too was flummoxed as I couldn’t identify it either, I took a photograph and said I would come away and do a little research.

Later that evening I was thinking about my clients visit and this unusual plant, I downloaded a plant identifier App on my phone and uploaded the photo, low and behold the plant was identified as a Scilla Peruviana!

On my next visit I eagerly showed my clients husband the app and the name of the plant. He was amazed at the technology and so pleased that we had put a name to the mystery plant.

It’s days like this which make working for Home Instead so rewarding. I’ve learnt a lot from watching my client’s husband tirelessly working in his beloved garden and I am sure he has enjoyed sharing his beautiful creation with me.”

It really is the little acts of kindness that go a long way, our CAREGiver’s deliver kindness and support every day and we cannot thank them enough for spreading their kindness through our community and enabling older adults to remain happy and independent with in their own homes.

What act of kindness will you show today?

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World Kindness Day