Make a friend day

Here is our lovely CAREGiver Shannon with one of her regular clients. Shannon speaks fondly about their friendship and how it has developed over time.

“When I first met S he was very quiet and shy. I was not sure which one of us was more nervous. I slowly started to have conversations with S which grew into bundles of laughs and lots of memories shared. Firstly, I asked him if he minded showing me the garden (his care plan states he loves his garden) and he then went on to say oh I like gardening and flowers. He started talking about how he did the garden with his son and how he likes to go out there daily. Each day he would speak to me more and more. We often find we enjoy listening to his favourite singers or bands and having a good sing along. We both have so many things in common like Elvis and ABBA and poor S puts up with my singing. Our friendship has developed where I can ask him to do certain things I know will help him to stay independent and because we have a mutual trust he will try to do them. There has been many times S has opened up and told me his past dreams and he often likes to share memories, and he also likes to crack a few jokes. S is a very special soul who lacked confidence in himself and struggled with speaking to others. Together we are working on this and I find he looks to me for guidance and reassurance. In the past few months, he has really come out of his shell and has come a very long way. He has become someone I enjoy seeing and sharing memories with.”

At Home Instead building friendships is important to us, and many of the clients we care for simply want company and conversation.