Dignity Action Day

Today is DIGNITY ACTION DAY. Whilst the term ‘dignity’ may be difficult to define, what is clear is that people know when they have not been treated with dignity and respect. Being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra - 'Dignity is Everybody's Business.' At Home Instead our training demonstrates that genuine, positive regard for your client and treating them with respect and compassion proves that you value them as an individual. We believe offering dignity by respecting client’s views and choices, not making assumptions, communicating directly and including them in decision making ensures a positive impact on our client’s wellbeing, self-esteem and self-identity.

We know that when our clients are supported and enabled to maintain their individual identity and have positive self-esteem, they are more likely to feel positive regarding their emotional and spiritual wellbeing and feel valued.

Our CAREGivers learn that by being thoughtful, compassionate, yourself and sharing your heart; our clients can receive an outstanding level of care.

Dignity in care, CAREGiver with Client