Lee and Christina were there for us when we needed them and have always supported Mum and the family. We couldn't have done it without them. We are forever grateful. ’’

Nicola H

I am writing on behalf of my myself and my parents to express our gratitude for the quality of care shown to my parents. Prior to employing 'home instead' my parents had never received any external care services and my mother was extremely apprehensive. Due to my parents' accelerating care needs, and the fact that their care had become all consuming of my time, my father was delighted when he saw your advertisement in his magazine for the visually impaired. My mother could not appreciate her own frailty, and still cannot, but you handled the initial introductions between your carers and my parents in a thoroughly professional way. Together with my parents I made a list of the things which I do daily thus enabling them to live 'independently'. It was this list which the carers were then able to use as their guidance. It was also this list that my father had to share repeatedly when my mother asked 'What are the carers going to do? We don't need anyone to help us because we do it all ourselves.' Having booked Ann and Emma I was able to embark on a fortnight's holiday with my family. Of course I was still concerned but I was also reassured that you were in the immediate vicinity if there was an 'emergency'. When we returned it was obvious to us that my parents had been well cared for.Even my mother was more aware when the care team were coming and also why they were coming too. The fact that we were able to have our holiday as a family was very appreciated by us all.

Paul M

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you and the team provided to my parents last week. As you know we were a little apprehensive as to how my Father would react for such a long period without my mother there to care for him, but I am pleased to say that it really exceeded our expectations and that the 3 day break this allowed my mother to have was invaluable.  Please pass on my thanks to all who cared for my dad during the period,  'the care in your own home approach' is clearly the best form for someone with my Dad's condition, allowing him to maintain his routine and familiarity of surroundings.  Knowing that my dad was provided for in the same way as normal is a really comforting thought, and to see him on my mothers return both clearly pleased to see her but also to hear him say that he thought the carer during the day Emma was nice is quite an achievement (its more comment than I have had from him in 5 years!).  All in all the peace of mind provided by the whole team was first class and i feel sure we will be using the service again in the near future.  Paul M

Katherine K

You asked me for my impressions of the service provided by Home Instead.  I would put my comments under three headings:   1. Professional I have been really impressed with the efficiency, and professional assurance of the service.  It is clear that the Caregivers you use are properly vetted, trained and supervised.  Care is taken around home health safety issues, proper information is sought in regard to the health and social needs of the client.  There is open record keeping following each visit which remains in the client's home.  There is also follow-up to ensure service is working well.  Lee has been scrupulous in ensuring that our particular needs are met.   2. Personal You make every effort to build a relationship between one caregiver and a client so that confidence and sensitivity is built up. That ensures that the family carer also has confidence and knows that personal information and sensitivity is built up over time.  In our case the companionship aspect has been the vital element of this service and has really made a difference.  Brian was really very worried indeed about a stranger coming into his home to be with him.  He now very much looks forward to Ray's visits.  I also feel confident that You will respond should a particular unexpected need or crisis emerge.   3. Flexible  You have been extremely helpful and flexible with the times so that Brian can have some company during the irregular days when I have outside commitments.  That flexibility has meant that the service is there when we need it rather than to fit in with your organisational needs. To sum up so far I have genuinely felt that the service puts the needs of clients at the core of what it does.  I wish I could say this about my other experiences in seeking help.  Thank you.  I hope and trust that as your service grows you are able to maintain these high standards.   Katherine K

Joanne P

I was introduced to Home Instead when my elderly mother attended the Memory Clinic at Southend Hospital where she is a patient.  Their leaflet was given to me as part of a package of information provided to me as carer.     I was looking essentially for a 'mumsitting' service which would provide my mother with mainly security and companionship but with an element of care to cover for essential absences when I would be away and unable to perform those services myself.  I chose Home Instead from the package of information I was given because of the company's good reputation and their emphasis on putting together an individual service for the end user.   Indeed, Lee Connolly was very keen to present Home Instead as a tailor made service with the needs of its client as the paramount consideration.   The brief was a difficult one as my mother was very resistant to having outside care of any kind and the service provided has been tailored to our needs, of a high standard and above all reliable, even at short notice.  The carer who was introduced to us had the right experience and was educated to degree standard.  She was very personable, conscientious and obliging.  Most importantly, she was kind and caring and had an impressive maturity for her years.  We have found our contacts at Home Instead to be approachable, flexible, unfailingly courteous and eager to do the job in hand.    It has given us peace of mind at a difficult time.   Joanna P

Anne N

Lee I am so glad the memory clinic at Southend hospital gave me your leaflet.  My dad has been seeing Ray as a companion once a week and its really helps him and me as I work full time Dad looks forward to their chats and Ray is building up a profile of dad’s past, family and friends etc, so he can help my dad if he can't recall. My dad has first signs of dementia. He also has Stacey clean and help with laundry once a week. Both are very professional and reliable would recommend to a friend.Thanks for your help Anne N