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IQ TimeCard system
IQ TimeCard system

Introducing a new IQ TimeCard system

Administration is one of the challenges of working in the Care sector. Detailed records have to be kept to ensure the service we provide is of the highest standard and tailored to our Clients’ particular needs. Paperwork like this is absolutely vital, but there’s always the danger that time spent on administration is time taken away from other important activities like our CAREGivers’ continued development or planning how to improve what we do still further.


The solution, sometimes, is to work harder, but often it’s a question of working smarter as well. That’s why we’re introducing a new system called IQ TimeCard. Instead of completing cumbersome pieces of paper (with the inevitable risks of being lost, damaged or eaten by pets) our CAREGivers now log-in over the phone when they reach their Client’s home and log-out when they leave. Simple, quick and hassle free for Clients and CAREGivers alike.

And there are benefits beyond streamlined admin. For example, the system automatically alerts our Care Manager if a CAREGiver is significantly late arriving for a visit, helping us safeguard both our Clients and our team.

The wonders of modern technology (touch wood)!